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    ISMS 8.6 - Capacity Management Policy and Procedures

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    Document Name: ISMS 8.6 - Capacity Management Policy and Procedures

    Overview: ISMS document detailing various requirements as noted by Controls8.527002:2022 regarding capacity management. 

    Specifically, the document includes the following coverage of the following topics relating to access to capacity management:

    • Capacity Management Plan
    • Capacity Related Issues
    • Investment Decisions
    • Specific System Requirements
    • Growth Considerations
    • Key Capacity Management Plan Activities for Information Systems

        ISMS Section:Section 8 - Technological Controls

        Control Mapping: ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Annex A Controls and Control 8.6 - 27002: 2022

        Format: Microsoft Word

        Length: 5 pages.

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