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    September 26, 2023 2 min read

    ISO/IEC 27002:2022 | 5.1 - Policies for Information Security Template

    Per ISO/IEC 27002:20222 | 5.1 - Policies for Information Security, “Information security policy and topic-specific policies should be defined, approved by management,  published, communicated to and acknowledged by relevant personnel and relevant interested parties,  and reviewed at planned intervals and if significant changes occur”.

    What organizations need to have in place is a well-defined policy for ISO/IEC 27002:20222 | 5.1 - Policies for Information Security that encompass the following:

    Organizations should clearly define an “information security policy” which is approved by management, and which sets out the organization’s approach to managing its information security objectives.  Specifically, information security policies should address requirements created by business strategy, regulations, and legislation and contracts, along with the current and projected information security threat environment.  Moreover, the information security policy should contain statements concerning: 

    • Definition of information security, objectives, and principles to guide all activities relating to information security.
    • Assignment of general and specific responsibilities for information security management to defined roles.
    • Processes for handling deviations and exceptions.

    At a lower level, the information security policy should be supported by topic-specific policies, which further mandate the implementation of information security controls and are therefore structured to address the needs of certain target groups within [company name], and/or to cover certain topics.

    With MorganHill, our ISMS 5.1 Policies for Information Security Policy and Procedures templates includes the following sections: (1). Defining Information Security. (2). Relevant matrices to be completed regarding senior leadership roles/responsibilities for defining and approving information security measures, along with responsibilities for developing, reviewing, approving, and modifying information security policies. 

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